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Other Work

To see previous class websites that I have created, please click on these links:

Note: some materials may not be viewable to the general public due to student privacy protections, and both sites were made prior to my visual design training.

Closed Caption Tutorial

EdTech Coach

As I worked on creating this portfolio, I encountered a "teachable moment" and decided to share my experiences transferring a video from VoiceThread to YouTube. The main goal was to preserve accessibility in the form of closed captions. I used Screencastify for the recording.

NASA-JPL Educator Workshop

Guest Speaker

I created and led this training on Visual Thinking Strategies during a NASA-JPL Educator Workshop in January of this year, at the invitation of their Education Office staff. Because the topic was Earth Science, I used images that reflected phenomena on this planet. VTS can facilitate learning in any content area.

NASA-JPL Educator Workshop

Guest Speaker

In response to positive feedback and questions from fellow educators, I made this follow-up to my Visual Thinking Strategies training for NASA-JPL. It goes more in-depth by giving precise examples of VTS tied to Next Generation Science Standards and makes connections with common language art concepts as well as lesson plans written by JPL educators.

Additional  Resources 

Presentation on Diverse Learners

Project Manager / Designer

This was created by a group I led, with the purpose of giving educators an overview of research-backed similarities and differences among student populations. With this knowledge, educators can design both universal and individualized curriculum and instruction.

In addition to being project manager, I made the slides that focus on gender differences.

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