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Over the years, I've become less and less focused on dichotomies, on black and white. What interests me are the nuances, the shades of grey.

The transformation in my perspective really picked up steam when I dug into the idea of "left-brain" versus "right-brain" -- you know, logical versus creative.

I realized that pitting them against each other was wrong. They work together. The brain is always building bridges and neural networks as you learn.

This realization made me see a whole new world of possibilities. I was no longer simply "bad at math" because I was drawn toward the arts. Instead, I understood how logic and creativity complement each other.

That is how design and learning work. They are an art and a science, a beautiful pairing. You can think of it as yin and yang. One doesn't exist without the other.

The Vulcans in Star Trek illustrate this point. Data in The Next Generation and Odo in Deep Space Nine are more Star Trek-based explorations of how art and science, creativity and logic, are equally important to the human experience.

The human experience is at the heart of my approach to L&D. I analyze thoroughly. I create a clear structure both in my prep materials and my final products. That structure draws heavily on ADDIE, Bloom's Taxonomy, Gagné's Nine Events, and the Kirkpatrick Model. But above all, I keep the human beings in mind. That's what marries theory with application, science with art.

No matter your pop culture knowledge, if you appreciate what I've shared here, then send me an email or connect with me on LinkedIn. I'm keen to hear your thoughts.

Live long and prosper. 😉

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